How it all started...


A Swindon local, Luke Wareham, started Swindon Tuition Centre after seeing first-hand (during his time as a teacher and a tutor in the Swindon area) how tuition in a positive environment can have a massive impact on the learning experience of the children he taught.

After years of hard work and some fantastic results to show for it, he has developed two Swindon Tuition Centres and one in Bristol to the point where he now helps to improve a whole school’s worth of children's education with a wide-range of abilities and achievement goals.



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What we do...

During the day, the Swindon Tuition Centre helps to teach and develop some of the most challenging pupils in Swindon- those with Behavioural, Social and Emotional difficulties; Specific Learning Difficulties and those that are Home schooled. Some of these children may have been excluded and have given up on their education were it not for the determination of Luke and his team at the Swindon Tuition Centre.

In the evening, Swindon Tuition centre offers private tuition for those that may be struggling at school, those needing to achieve a particular grade from an upcoming exam, or those simply wanting to excel in Maths, English or Science. We teach pupils from the age of 5 (phonics, basic numeracy, Spelling, Comprehension and Grammar), 11+ preparation (Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning alongside English and Maths), all the way up to GCSE exams and some A-Level courses. 

Luke doesn’t insist that all of the tutors at the Swindon Tuition Centre are qualified teachers, but does ensure that all are engaging, knowledgeable and skilled in getting the best out of the learners they work with, as well as being DBS checked.

Each lesson is well prepared and structured with individual lesson plans tailored to the particular requirements of each learner. The centres themselves (located on Cricklade Rd and Victoria Hill) give pupils access to a vast range of books, activities and computer facilities with a variety of software. These resources – combined with innovative teaching techniques – ensure accelerated learning opportunities for all of our valued students.

At the Swindon Tuition Centre we believe that learning is all about confidence, and we work tirelessly to ensure that we instil that confidence in every student that comes through our door.

In need of a tutor to boost my daughters confidence ready for her GCSE’s and couldn’t be more pleased with Swindon Tuition Centre. Professional, courteous, friendly and welcoming to us all... Results day was nerve wracking but she did it and passed her Maths GCSE. So proud!
— Suzanne Gregory, 2018